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Register or Login as an Applicant
Register or Login as a Law Office PC/LLC/LLP

Register a new Law Office as a PC/LLC/LLP

These instructions only apply to law offices who wish to register their PC/LLC/LLP in Indiana with the State Board of Law Examiners.


1. In the top right corner of this webpage, select the red button entitled "Law Office PC/LLC/LLP". Then, select "Register". 

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2. Once on the Corporation Registration webpage, enter the name and corporation type of your law firm. Please ensure that the name of your law firm meets the guidelines set in Admission & Discipline Rule 27 and Rule of Professional Conduct 7.5. 

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3. Next, enter the name of your law office's agent as well as their contact information. This contact information will be used by the Board of Law Examiners for any annual renewal notices as stated in Rule 27. Additionally, the email address and password entered will become the login credentials for your law firm's new corporate account. 

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4. Next, enter the address and phone number of your law office. This address must be a physical location and may not be a PO box.

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5. Once the form is complete, select "Submit Form to Continue Registration". 

6. Within 5 minutes of submitting the Corporation Registration Form, an email will be sent to the agent email listed in the form to activate the corporate account. Click the link in the email to activate the corporate account.

7. Return to the BLE Website and select "Law Office PC/LLC/LLP" in the top right corner of the webpage. Then, enter the login credentials listed as the Agent email and password on the Corporation Registration page. Click "Corporate Login". 

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8. You should now be logged in to your corporate account and be viewing the corporate account home page. The top section of the page will show the registration fee of $200 as the Outstanding Balance. Do not pay this registration fee before completing the next steps. 

9. Scroll down the homepage and locate the "Attorney Information" section. Here, enter the name, license information, and employment history as directed in the form for all attorneys that work at this law office, including officers, directors, shareholders, members, partners, and other equity owners. Ensure that the Agent is listed in this section as an attorney. The per-attorney fees will autofill and be shown both next to the individual attorney name and in the Outstanding Balance section of the corporate homepage. Note: The "Approved" column in the Attorney Information will list each attorney as "false" until the approval paperwork for the Disciplinary Commission and Clerk's Office has been completed.

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10. Next, scroll down the corporate account homepage until you have located the "Uploaded Documents" section and select the red "Upload New Document" button. Find and upload a PDF copy of the current professional liability insurance policy for the law office. Ensure that this document lists both the (1) per-claim amount of coverage and the (2) aggregate amount of coverage. Also ensure that the policy is not expired and the corporation name and address listed on the policy match what was submitted on the Corporation Registration webpage. Additionally, upload a PDF copy of your Certificate of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, or other registration document from the Secretary of State, if this has been issued. If your law firm is located outside of Indiana but wishes to obtain this Certificate of Registration to practice in the state of Indiana, you are required to upload documentation from the Secretary of State for the state in which your law firm is located and from the Indiana Secretary of State. 

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11. Now that you have added all attorneys and uploaded your insurance documentation and Secretary of State documentation (if applicable), your Outstanding Balance is due. The total amount due is listed in the Outstanding Balance section at the top of the corporate homepage. This amount can be paid via credit card or electronic check. You will be redirected to the State of Indiana E-Payment website. When making this payment, do not close your browser window showing your corporate account page OR the browser window showing the State of Indiana E-Payment website until the payment has processed successfully and you have been issued a receipt. 

12. After completing your payment, your corporate homepage will show no Outstanding Balance. Your paperwork to issue your Certificate of Registration will be processed by the Office of Admission & Continuing Education and the Disciplinary Commission. This process may take up to three weeks after the application and all associated documentation is submitted. The Certificate of Registration will not be issued without receiving and approving all portions of this application and associated documentation. 

13. Once the paperwork has been processed and approved, the Board of Law Examiners will issue your law office a Certificate of Registration. This Certificate will be uploaded to your corporate account and will need to be renewed by your law office each year by June 30.