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Renew a Certificate of Registration for an existing Law Office

These instructions only apply to law offices who wish to renew their Certificate of Registration from the State Board of Law Examiners.


1. Login to your corporate account using the email and password credentials that you created. If you are unsure of your password, click the "Forgot your Password?" button when logging in or use the yellow button at the bottom of each webpage to submit a Technical Support Request. 

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2. The reapplication for a Certificate of Registration is 2 parts: payment of the $50 renewal fee and submission of "verified information" to demonstrate your law firm's eligibility to renew and compliance with all provisions outlined in Admission & Discipline Rule 27. This reapplication becomes available on May 1 of each year and the Board will send out an email reminder to the email address listed for your firm's Agent. Payment can be made by credit card or electronic check, and submission of "verified information" can be uploaded as PDF documents. 

3. The completed reapplication is due by June 30. Should either the payment or the submission of "verified information" not be completed by this date, delinquent late fees will be added to your firm's Outstanding Balance, per the schedule of fees outlined in Admission & Discipline Rule 27.

4. After completing the reapplication for a Certificate of Registration, you may view and print your receipt of renewal by going to your corporate homepage and scrolling down to the section entitled "Payment Information". Find the current year's payment line and select the "Details" button on the right side of that line. This will bring up the receipt of your Certificate of Registration renewal. 

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5. If you firm is ineligible to renew the Certificate of Registration, it is required to follow the relinquishment of the Certificate of Registration process as detailed in Admission & Discipline Rule 27. If your law firm would like to relinquish, please contact Rebecca Smith at (317) 232-2502.